Part of the sema line up

Here’s the FD, G37 and G35 at the south hall whored out with stickers. But those stickers come with a free Forza 3 Video Game. Yaaaay

Sema preparations

Worst part of sema besides walking around the convention halls is preparing for it. And by preparing I mean wiping the Cars down… And that’s about it lol. This car … Continue Reading →

Digging up the classics… TOP SECRET Japan

Been browsing through photos looking for a specific shot and I ended up staring at classic photos from old trips and random shenanigans.  Saw a few classic photos of our … Continue Reading →

It’s a wrap!

After a few months of planning we finally finished the shoot for Import Tuner with the G35.  Should be real cool.  Steve Demitt is an awesome photomographer… hehe.  Good location … Continue Reading →