High End Vegas


Sorry but it’s been a week since the grand opening but still haven’t posted anything about the new spot. Been back and fourth to Vegas lately and my wallet isn’t lovin it. Gas is killer especially with a 320 mile voyage =) Grand opening went well tho. It didn’t generate as much people as we usually do in our events since the guys decided to open the store a week prior to the full grand opening. Talk about cutting it short right. Well here’s a couple of pictures of the shop when it was still nice and clean.

IMG_3802-3.jpg IMG_3809-6.jpg IMG_3819-2.jpg

IMG_3807-5.jpg IMG_3801-4.jpg IMG_3838-1.jpg

Turn out was not that bad even with the hundred degree weather.  Smart of them to come down when the heat started to seize tho lol.  All in all good day and wish us luck with High End Las Vegas.  Should be real cool.  Besides it  gives us an excuse to go to Vegas more often.

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