Chicks, Dicks, and Peeps of SEMA 2011

Of course I didn’t see everyone and you can bet your ass that even though I had my camera at all times, I’m not gonna take a picture of every single person I know.  Unless they’re a hot girl or something but then that’s a totally different story. Sadly enough, I have tons of friends that I only have the privilege to hang out with during car events and functions.

Well, this is what I captured.  Peeps I know and hang out with and some other random girls.  *Be Warned* it’s a  “HOLY SHIT THAT’S A SHIT LOAD OF PICTURES” kind of post.

P.S. *EDIT* (not really)

If you’re wondering why the photos look kind of crappy, I just realized that I saved the photos as Adobe RGB hence the faded look of the photos.  Supposed to be at sRGB so it’ll be better for the web but I’m not about to redo everything.  Excuse my FAILness.  If you know what I’m talking about then good for you, if not, then just shrug it off… Carry on…

FamBam Nicole… Stay black sista’

OS Giken Model … ummm … I forgot her name.  She was cool and cute.

This girl is actually really cute but by the end of the week, she seems like she hates everyone and everything in the world.

She has spider legs for eyelashes … eeeeeewwwwww …

She kind of freaks me out.  Kids say no to botox.

She has nice … umm … eyes.

Ashley has always been super cute to me.  She’s really cool peeps.  She’s working the Scion booth this time around guarding the IQ and the FRS with incredible precision and attentiveness.  Well, either that or she’s modeling for them.

Super duper cute and I totally forgot her name… ummm yeah… super duper cute.

Immortalized in the inhale and hold your breath position.  Kinda making me do the same.  Can’t.. hold it.. any.. more…

Ms Burciaga and the douche handing her a business card.

Another one of Jessica.

My buddy Jen.  She’s a nerd and she’s super awesome.

This girl was so much cuter in person.  She’s originally from Vegas but migrated to LA.  How do I know this?  Conversations my friends… conversations… remembering names, optional.

Venezualan chicks from the Pirelli booth seems to be laughing with me… or at me.  DOH!

By far the weirdest and most random thing I’ve seen in SEMA all this years.  Seriously.  But then I thought it was really cool.  Sat there for a bit and listened to her.

Intense Lollipop action within my crew.

Mr. Tim from Eneos.  Super awesome dude.

Mr Shawn of Seibon Carbon

A very very intense altercation is happening.  I wonder what it is.  Probably who can burp louder.  These two just roll like that.

And that’s about it for now.  Kinda got tired of posting so i’ll continue tomorrow.  Maybe.

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