Evo on PASMag online? What??

Yesterday I just got word that my daily driver is on the PAS mag website as a feature car.  I don’t know why they put that dirty ass car there but thank you.  Mucho appreciato.

I remember the shoot when it was held at the old shop last december.  It was a few days before christmas as I recall.  I didn’t think they were actually gonna release these photos to public because if you look at it closely, my car is filthy in and out.  You’ll see it on their pictures.  Pretty funny.  Thanks for the kind words guys comparing me to the likes of Michael Jordan, Jay-Z and Bill Gates.  I’m far from that but whatever!  Thanks.

check out some pics and check out the article from the site.  Once again, thank you for the opportunity.

Click here for the Pas Mag Article

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