The Wang Mobile

What was your first car?  Actually disregard that question.  What car did you drive when you were 19 years old if not what car do you drive now?  I ask that question because unlike us normal people, we can’t afford a M6 when we’re 19… well, Mr Wang can…  And if you’re nice enough, he’ll buy you one too.  No? ok nevermind.

About a week ago I had the  chance to shoot Dennis Wang’s 3 series BMW showcar in the mountains of Santa Anita.  KJ0N0841.jpgDennis is part of our wrecking crew car show team, Auto Concept Elite and is also one of our top cars.  His car has recently been featured and covered both in Euro Tuner and PAS Magazine, same month last month.  As you could have guessed he’s in baller status.  Flashing two cell phones for his local and international ladies (jk) rocking Bathing Ape Clothing from head to toe, among other baller clothes that I don’t even know about coz I’m a poor lad.

Let’s bring focus back into his car and not his baller ways.  KJ0N0853.jpgDennis’ 3 series show car is a 2006 328i twin charged super car rocking both a super charger and turbo.  Basic idea is killing the lag with the supercharger and warping to high speed with the turbo charger on higher rpms.  Tuned and created by Groma Performance of Duarte, CA,  Groma has been known for it’s outrageous race car builds and near impossible fabrications.  It shows in the engine build of Dennis’ car.  The Wang mobile is also sporting a simple widebody and a red white and blue candy paint done up by master painter PJ Bonifacio.  So much candy that ants live in it’s crevices.

The main purpose of this car is to be a bad ass show car and it has been fulfilling that goal.  Winning top honors on the shows it attened, HIN, Spocom and Showoff shows to name a few, the Wang Mobile has been the pinnacle of BMW customization.  With electronics that will put your local Best Buy to shame this car has mobile electonics made for your living room and not on a car.  Rocking a Mac mini on the front passenger side of the car with it’s matching 24″ mac monitor that puts my personal Mac on a downward spiral because of the envy from this car the car also rocks a wide screen TV on the rear seats and a Nintendo Wii for added entertainment.  Yeah, gadgets I want for my house is chillin on the back of a car.  I feel sad now.

I shot the car for a feature for a Japanese magazine.  Honestly tho, the shots came out well but I am not very KJ0N0938.jpgsatisfied with it.  Wish we could have waited the sun to go down but as soon as it did we got attacked by swarms of flies and other bugs.  We had to run for our lives as soon as possible but not until we got some rockin rolling shots.  This car is amazingly clean and what an amazing build.  Unfortunately the car was not made for the canyons coz we left him far behind while driving back down to civilization.  Hehe.  But still he has his M6 to kick my Evo’s ass… Lame.

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