Buy, support, be dope..

It’s been a long few months since the tragic earthquakes and tsunamis that rocked Japan but up until now, they still need our help.  Here’s a neat way to do … Continue Reading →

The Audi V-8 Engine Battle; OK!

One thing that attracts me to a car is how they present their engines bays specifically, on stock cars.  Luckily, I’ve been fortunate enough that I have been shooting a … Continue Reading →

The automotive cat fish. The Huayra.

Say goodbye to the Zonda since that car waved it’s hands and said Arrivederci.  The new and improved(?) version is upon us and it’s the new Pagani Huauroayouaoahao (Huayra).  Here’s … Continue Reading →

24hr race candidate.

Driving for 24 hours with no cruise control?  What the hell?!  That’s just crazy… Apparently Mclaren finally is ready and entered a slew of 24hr races that involves 10 drivers … Continue Reading →

My ass on fiberglass

After a few weeks of waiting the right rails are finally here for the Zeta III XL. See what happened was Bride Japan did me a total fuck up when … Continue Reading →

Monster sports swag!

Few weeks ago I chilled at lot USA with my Homie Shinno and pick up my pair of Bride XL for the Evo. Long story short I needed a new … Continue Reading →

Do Work!

For the past year or so… actually almost 2 years now, I have been doing nothing but automotive photography/product photography.  Mostly Autos tho and by far my so called skills … Continue Reading →

Meth Mou5e

EDC happens to Chuck’E all day everyday