Random Shots..

Here’s Johnfob’s Sick ass SC from the last XDC event in Vegas a few weeks back.  I have tons of pictures but been crazy busy with.. well.. life.

I <3 Esquire..

.. And Daisy Lowe Apparently it’s not the original track on this video since youtube took the song out because of copyright blah blah blah.  Anyhoo who cares..

You’ze crazy nature..

Amazeeed!  You need to click on the image to see what i’m talking about.

Today is…

Miranda Kerr Wednesdays!  Whooo hooo


I still want one of these!

24 hours summed up in 13 mins

One amazing video of the 24hr Nurburgring race.  It’s long, but worth watching. 24 HOURS IN 19500 FRAMES from tim hahne on Vimeo.