Extra Downforce

The new Voltex wing for the X… Cool or no? It would definitely look better with a full kit or a lip.  Kinda looks like the Varis wing only shorter … Continue Reading →

Quite possibly the next car I am going to get

I know it’s been a month or so since Tokyo Auto Saloon but here’s one car I haven’t seen much of… and perhaps can’t get enough of.  The FT-86 G … Continue Reading →

Apparently eating balls are unhealthy for you …

Mine are low calorie so feel free to eat it. Posted via email from Brian’s Post-Terior

Lunch with the other family…

No I don’t mean my illegitimate family, well, kinda. But what I meant with my AC Elite Crew. Good food with the fellas at Steve’s restaurant. Waaaay too much food … Continue Reading →

The evo turns 40k miles today! Happy Birthday????

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We have style…

To be honest, these shots should be on a magazine or something hahaha just kidding.  The last profession I can ever have or be is a model.  I’ll stick behind … Continue Reading →

That’s dope status

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Dinner at an old school pizza joint at topanga cyn.

Good pizza comes rarely and this hits the right spot. On the corner of topanga and … Umm … I forgot is Ernie’s. Small chow down spot but big on … Continue Reading →