Getting our rock and roll on in Vegas!

Dead Weathers concert next month in Vegas with the crew. Thanks to OJ for snagging these tickets with awesome seats to boot. Can’t wait till next month! Posted via email … Continue Reading →

My nephews needs to stop playing call of duty.

Here’s my nephew Derek hunting for gophers in my front lawn. He even dressed up with cut off gloves and a backpack?! Haha seriously, these kids needs to stop playing … Continue Reading →

Crazy low tide…

This place is usually covered in water but today apparently there’s a major shortage in ocean water. As you can see on the right side, that’s high the water usually … Continue Reading →

All these boxes = Broke Brian

Posted via email from Brian’s Post-Terior

Rain makes me browse the Interwebs …

… and I stumbled upon this… it’s pretty much the build of the Varis Evo from the get go.  Love it.  Love this car.  So if you’re a fan, … Continue Reading →

The Real Deal

Aaaand the finished product.   These cars are way hot.  That’s probably one of the best looking GRB EVER… and I’m an Evo guy… go figure. And now the X These … Continue Reading →

Runduce Renderings

Here’s some pretty dope renderings that Original Runduce made.  Original Runduce is one of my favorite tuners.  I modeled my car after their Evo VII, tried at least, and now … Continue Reading →

Varis Goodness

Since we’re on the Varis Tip, they have been doing some awesome job with their kit.  I’ve always loved Varis from the get go starting from the Evo VI love … Continue Reading →