Awesome Game Show

I was just thinking…. Why can’t we make shows like these.  There are cheap knock off’s in CBS but they still fail in comparisson with it’s genuine counter parts.  Just … Continue Reading →

Formula D: Final Fight

Ok so I haven’t updated for such a long time since I’ve been busy with random projects in my table.  Also SEMA is about a week away and  now SEMA … Continue Reading →

Who’s Boobs will win in a fight

Can’t believe I wasted my time making the background and graphic. Oh well just made it look more epic. Continue Reading →

Random Chat Convo with Shino

Interesting conversation with Mr Shinosuke from Lot-USA.  If you don’t know Lot USA is the main distributor of Bride Seats in the US.  That and other JDM goodies.  Anyhooo here’s … Continue Reading →

Where do I start? … Part 1

Being with High End makes me busy on every aspect of the automotive game. Being in the retail (Among Others) side of the automotive aftermarket parts culture, I’ve come across … Continue Reading →