Random snaps..

The walk back after a night of drunken debauchery looking down upon the 101.

Damn Canards!

Driving down the 101 today I saw this huge string of plastic just flying around hitting cars. I thought to myself with my luck it will for sure get stuck … Continue Reading →

My ass on fiberglass

After a few weeks of waiting the right rails are finally here for the Zeta III XL. See what happened was Bride Japan did me a total fuck up when … Continue Reading →

New oil, added life

It’s been a month overdue. I can feel the car’s difference between the old and new oil. Terrible of me to leave feeling sluggish like that. Sorry buddy.

Bai Bai ARC

By now we all know that ARC is now defunct due to bankruptcy. Such a bummer but then who the hell can afford a $2000 intercooler nowadays. Well at least … Continue Reading →

The new kicks..

Out with the old In with the new After about 5-6 months of usage I finally replaced my running shoes that was pretty beat up. Usually I change shoes every … Continue Reading →

Experimental Nachos

Last night while hanging out at a bar here locally I decided to experiment a little. I haven’t had some good nachos lately so I decided to order some just … Continue Reading →

A rare treat

Last Saturday I took a long trek to Mr JDMego’s pad in murieta to celebrate his birthday. It was a long driveeeee (thank god I wasn’t driving). Good thing my … Continue Reading →