This is what I’ve been doing as of late. Right here is a 2014 Audi RS4. Shot this yesterday at the studio. Been quite busy last couple of months. Last … Continue Reading →



Since one of the several cameras I bought in a span of a month (3 total) was a 1D MKIII, I can shoot photos like a machine gun.  The Camera … Continue Reading →


Beach bum Cruisers

I believe that I’ve expressed the fact that we’ve been trying to go back to our old ways in quite a while now.  By that I meant with cars.  Cruises, … Continue Reading →

photo 1

Painting Light..

I’ve always be fascinated with light and cameras and what it does together.  And I guess that’s why I do what I do.  It’s Amazing how people can get really … Continue Reading →


The Unmolested X100s

I’ve had my X100s ever since it came out a couple of months ago and to be honest with you, I’ve used it much less than other people has.  I … Continue Reading →


Back to where it all started

Cars. A necessity. We need them in our daily lives. It knows who we are, we share our darkest secrets, it knows where we’ve been and where we’re going, it … Continue Reading →



  Year and some change… Year and some change It’s been that long since I last wrote on this page. It’s been that long since I had time and passion … Continue Reading →


Tools of the trade..

My two best friends, no matter what difference they have, they still work in harmony.  Analog+Digital.